Enjoy exceptional ice cream in Paris

Enjoy exceptional ice cream in Paris

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Undoubtedly one of the great pleasures of the summer is savouring an ice cream while strolling through the streets of a beautiful city. Paris, the world capital of gastronomy and the art of living, has much more to offer than the traditional vanilla or strawberry cone! Here the Hotel Arioso tells you where you can find some unique and chic icy delights.


Monsieur Benjamin, the coolest ice cream imaginable

Ice cream is synonymous with freshness, but have you ever tasted a really fresh ice, one that is prepared right before your amazed eyes? This experience can be yours at Monsieur Benjamin, where flavours and aesthetics are combined in a perfect package. You select your preference and the ice cream is spread out on a frozen plate and then worked with a spatula into a beautiful roll to be enjoyed on the spot.


Spaghettina; ice cream or pasta?

The 80s are back in fashion, and this revival also heralds the return of a treat that the era’s children have never forgotten; spaghetti-shaped ice cream. Spaghettina is riding the wave by specialising in this particular trompe l'oeil ice cream offered in flavours as varied as Mirabelle plum and mandarin, all accompanied by Chantilly cream.


Welcome to the Hotel Arioso, an establishment of great charm

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